Lobbying for the people

Because corporations and special interest groups should not be the only ones with lobbyists

Find a campaign about an issue you care about

Help the campaign reach its $5,000 fundraising goal

When the goal is reached, we lobby  Congress for you!

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Why Lobbying?

Direct lobbying is the most effective way to pass laws and influence legislators in D.C., but everyday citizens do not have the same access to lobbyists as large corporations and special interest groups.


With our platform, you can level the playing field and get lobbyists working on behalf of the people!
Take Charge
Creating change is hard! If we want better results, we have to be smarter and more strategic when trying to influence our elected officials. 

Have an issue you care deeply about? Take charge today and get a lobbyist working for you!
Get Started
Not sure where to begin? Visit our Knowledge Center to learn how to contact Congress, create an unstoppable advocacy plan, why you should hire a lobbyist, and what you can do to make sure your voice is heard today.
And remember, not all lobbyists are alike...

Lobbyists 4 Good

We care about people and their communities

We uphold the strictest ethical standards

We charge a reasonable rate for our work

We do not contribute to political campaigns or Political Action Committees (PACs)

Corporate Lobbyists

They work to protect their client's bottom line

They push the limits of the law to gain an edge

They charge their clients thousands per hour

They gain access to politicians through political donations and fundraisers

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