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Hire a lobbyist for the issues and causes that matter to you

Make real change in Congress and get your voice heard


Help willing farmers transition away from animal agriculture


Pass important reforms to get money out of politics


Pass reforms that address violence and racism in policing

Trending campaigns

Why lobbyists?

Boots-on-the-ground lobbying is the best way to change policies and pass legislation in D.C.
Every year, large corporations and special interest groups spend billions of dollars hiring lobbyists while everyday people can't get their voice heard about issues that impact their daily lives.
We can make change if we have the same access to lobbyists as big business and special interests.

The leader in crowdfunded lobbyists

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Best in Class

Our lobbyists are well respected on Capitol Hill and work hard to get your voice heard



Our lobbyists have a track record of public service and follow the strictest ethical standards

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We keep you updated on our work by posting everything we do on our website




If you are not happy with our work, let us know and we'll refund your donation

100% of you donation goes towards hiring lobbyists

Two lobbyists meet to discuss policy and how they will lobby members of Congress
On average, every $100 raised on our platform results in an hour of lobbying from one of our lobbyists. 
100% of your donation goes towards lobbying for your issue. We do not take  a percentage or charge a platform fee. 
We are able to do this thanks to a small group of donors who cover expenses like non-lobbying support staff, office space, research, communications, internships, and pesky credit card transaction fees. 

Past successes

The door of the US Institute of Peace opens to allow supporters inside

Increased funding for the US Institute of Peace by $15 million to expand their work in Iraq

Animals line up for the slaughterhouse while vegan lobbyists try to save animals from dying through public policy changes

Drafted a pilot program to help willing farmers transition away from animal agriculture

Mauritania Campaign Hawa Sall wants to hold the mauritania government accountable through government relations outreach and advocacy

Drafted a resolution that will end protections for perpetrators of an ethnic cleansing campaign

What will our lobbyists do for you?


Research current legislation and craft strategy 


Meet one-on-one with lawmakers and their staff


Build connections that are important to your cause


Establish useful partnerships and join coalitions 

Vote with your pocketbook 

We don't have a political agenda and we don't support either party. Our only goal is to get your voice heard in Congress and make real change.
You decide our agenda by voting with your wallets on the issues you care about. Once you donate, we will fight to get your voice heard by lawmakers in Congress. Our work will always be driven by you! 

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