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Require Candidates to Undergo a Psychiatric Evaluation Before Running for Office

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Created by an Anonymous

On average, every $100 raised results in an hour of lobbying from our lobbyists

My story

There are some members of all three branches of government who act in ways that are either dangerous to the common good or who have made their job into a game of corruption (accepting bribes or letting bad people get away with illegal acts).


I would like to change the law regarding who is eligible for public office using psychological evaluations in the way that most police forces do prior to hiring their staff. If a candidate is seen as dangerous or has the intent to use malicious behavior, or make judgments that hurt the general public, then they are not eligible for public office.

About federal elections and candidates

We have a corruption problem in the U.S. where many politicians are simply acting like sociopaths, and most likely because they actually are. They have no concern for common good and act in unethical ways that lack common decency and empathy.


This results in policy decisions that hurt the majority of Americans but favor them and their coffers. In some cases there are individuals who have the ability to make decisions regarding life or death and lack the empathy or care to avoid costly life-endangering mistakes.

In order to pass a law that would require politicians to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before running for office, there would need to be a lot of outreach to lawmakers about why this is important for America and how a screening system would work and what it would cost.


A professional lobbyist would be able to create legislation that would answer any concerns that arose and they would be able to discuss the impact it would have on the process.


Federal law could also require the states to implement such a system and leave the preferred implementation method up to the states.


Regardless, the best way to get something like this from an idea into law is by hiring a lobbyist. 

What will your lobbyists do?

Whether it is a small state issue or a large federal policy, hiring our lobbyists is the best way to get your voice heard in government. Every $100 raised will result in an hour of lobbying from a member of our lobbying team. Our lobbyists: 



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For the same price as your morning latte, you can have the same access to lobbyists as large corporations. interest groups and wealthy donors.


The average small-dollar donation to presidential candidates in 2020.



The average cost of 30 minutes of lobbying from one of our lobbyists. This is a fraction of the cost of a typical D.C. lobbyist, who charges anywhere from $500 to $1500/hour. 


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The average cost of hiring one of our lobbyists for an hour of lobbying. This is a fraction of the cost of a typical D.C. lobbyist, who charges anywhere from $500 to $1500/hour. 

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1) Research current laws and proposed legislation

2) Come up with a strategy to best advance the issue, either through policy changes or new laws

3) Use our contacts to identify the different supporters and opponents of the issue and find out where key members stand on the topic. 

4) Meet one-on-one with legislators and ask for their help to introduce new legislation or get a current bill through the legislative process


5) Help rally votes from lawmakers for the bills passage by the House and the Senate


6) Identify other groups working on the issue and coordinate advocacy efforts to ensure success

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