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Reverse Citizens United

Corporations are not people, rverse citizens united. This a lobbying campaign to hire a lobbyist to lobby Congress to reverse citizens united

Created by John Paul Thorton

On average, every $100 raised results in an hour of lobbying from our lobbyists

My story

I strongly believe that until money is not equated as free speech, lower income citizens will never be adequately represented in the legislative process, but will instead be at the mercy and whims of much richer persons or organizations that will continue to lobby for greater political and entrench their positions. Having Congress reverse the Citizens United decision is a big step in that direction. 

"A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold." - Supreme Court Justice Stevens in his Citizens United dissenting opinion.

About Citizens United vs. FEC

Citizens United v. FEC was a landmark campaign finance and corporate law case dealing with regulation of political spending by organizations.


In 2010, the Supreme Court decided that the free speech clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the government from restricting independent expenditures for communications by nonprofit corporations, for-profit corporationslabor unions, and other associations.


The decision was highly controversial when announced. Supporters argued that prohibiting people or groups from participating in campaign debate is a gross violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech.


Opponents, on the other hand, argue that the ruling opened the floodgates to an unprecedented amount of dark money. They point to the fact that the voices of citizens are already "being drowned out by corporate money" and that America's wealthy already has an outsize influence on our elections. 

Hiring a professional to lobby Congress would be an important step forward. Corporations, super PACs, and political groups who benefit from Citizens United have hundreds of lobbyists employed, so adding another voice is important in the fight to overturn Citizens United. 


A lobbyist working to overturn Citizens United would meet with relevant staffers, government officials, and key stakeholders and make their case for overturning Citizens United. They would also attend hearings, attend networking events, and meet with other stakeholders and advocacy groups to offer support. 

What will your lobbyists do?



Let's get money out of politics!


For the same price as your morning latte, you can have the same access to lobbyists as large corporations. interest groups and wealthy donors.


The average small-dollar donation to a political campaign in 2020.


The average cost of hiring one of our lobbyists for a half-hour of lobbying. This is a fraction of what it costs to hire a typical DC lobbyist who usually charges around $500 to $1500/hour. 


The average donation to all crowdfunding platforms in 2020.



The average cost of hiring one of our lobbyists for an hour of lobbying. This is a fraction of what it costs to hire a typical DC lobbyist who usually charges around $500 to $1500/hour. 

Whether it is a small state issue or a large federal policy, hiring our lobbyists is the best way to get your voice heard in government. Every $100 raised will result in an hour of lobbying from a member of our lobbying team. Our lobbyists: 

Young businessmen discussing data at mee

1) Research current laws and proposed legislation

2) Come up with a strategy to best advance the issue, either through policy changes or new laws

3) Use our contacts to identify the different supporters and opponents of the issue and find out where key members stand on the topic. 

4) Meet one-on-one with legislators and ask for their help to introduce new legislation or get a current bill through the legislative process


5) Help rally votes from lawmakers for the bills passage by the House and the Senate


6) Identify other groups working on the issue and coordinate advocacy efforts to ensure success

Lobbying updates

This campaign has not raised enough money to lobby yet.

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