Reform The U.S. Food Aid program (Food For Peace)

Created by Yanique Edouard 

This campaign needs to raise $5,000 to hire one of our lobbyists. 100% of donations go towards paying lobbying fees for this issue.

My Story

My name is Yanique Edouard my parents immigrated in the 50’s from Haiti. My grandfather came here first and later sent for my mom and grandmother. He worked as a longshoreman in those days and worked hard to provide for my mother and grandmother. My father's parents also immigrated from Haiti and he met my mother in the US, where they had four children. We used to go back to Haiti on vacation when US and Haitian relationship was good.


Since then, Haitians have been insulted left and right in the U.S. Haiti has paid over and over again for the history of France, but prejudice has kept Haiti down. It hurts to hear people call Haiti a shit hole. For the past three year I have been traveling to Haiti, so I can learn and be a part of my heritage. I volunteer at a hospital on my own time and with my own money to help the people in a place called Milot, the first capital of Haiti and where the king of Haiti lived.


Real change in Haiti is not going to happen without better policies that will help the Haitian people. Reforming the Food For Peace Program will be a good step in the right direction as it will empower Haitian farmers and help the economy.


Please help support my effort to hire a lobbyist to pass the Food For Peace Modernization Act. 

About the Food For Peace Program

First, the Food for Peace program requires that the US source more than 90% of its food aid from producers in the United States. As a result, Food for Peace purchases relatively expensive US food, rather than locally available options, and has to pay a tremendous amount to transport the food from the United States to the impacted areas.


Second, the Food for Peace program is also required to ship at least half of its aid on US ships, which on average are about 46% more expensive than if the food aid was shipped on internationally competitive ships.


Because of these dual requirements, Food for Peace spends only 40% of its budget on actual food aid and often takes months to deliver much needed aid. In addition, the influx of US sourced food aid at the expense of more local options undermines local agricultural and infrastructure investment that could lead to long-term self-sufficiency, creating dependency on US aid. 


The Food for Peace Modernization Act is a proposed solution to fix the inefficiencies in the United States’ food aid procedures. The bill proposes abolishing the requirements that food aid is sourced from the United States and shipped on American ships.



Happy to support, Good luck Yanique!


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Why Hire A Lobbyist?

The Food for Peace Reform Act has been introduced several times but has never made it out of committee because it is vehemently opposed by Big Agriculture. Meanwhile, President Trump has indicated he could support similar changes but with an accompanying $1 Billion decrease in total US food aid. The people need a voice in Washington to fight Big Agriculture and advocate for efficient food aid policies to best help people in need around the world avoid starvation. 


The Food for Peace Reform Act is urgent. Every year people are starving because of the inefficiencies of the Food for Peace program. Moreover, every year we don’t take action, local economies continue to be undermined and become more reliant on US aid. The people need a voice to let Washington know we do not want to turn inwards, but want to help foster a world in which people are assisted in times of need and supported in their desire to become self-sufficient after an unexpected disaster.

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