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Examples of Lobbying

Most people think that lobbying can be lumped into a single category. They hear the infamous "L" word and picture a corporate "fat-cat" with a cigar bribing politicians to do their bidding. Since the only time the public hears about lobbying is when someone is being nefarious, it is not surprising that this is the dominant public perception.

However, lobbying is much more complex than most people understand. Here are some examples of lobbying that show the different sides and show that not everything is black and white.

Chart showing the tax cuts that Americans will see as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

1469 companies, organizations, and special interest groups registered to lobby on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018. Because of the bill, twice as many companies paying zero taxes under Trump tax plan.


A bipartisan bid to rein in prescription drug prices failed to advance, as lobbyists blocked the effort. Pharmaceutical firms also won protections for select patents, as lawmakers tucked 17 words into Page 1,503 of a bill that protected their patents from competition.

A clean Power Plant in an open field

Advocates for environmental nonprofits were able to pressure the EPA to write legislation to reduce emissions for coal-powered power plants, despite strong opposition from the coal industry. 


In 2016, Congress passed and the President signed into law, the Electrify Africa Act to help countries in sub-Saharan Africa develop power solutions in order to support poverty reduction. and drive economic growth. Many nonprofits lobbied to have this legislation signed into law.

List of chemicals regulated by the toxic substances control act
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