Our Partners

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Agriculture Fairness Alliance

The Agriculture Fairness Alliance advocates for fairness in US agriculture policy and laws, in order to benefit farmers who practice non-exploitative and sustainable farming practices, to benefit animals, to benefit consumers, and to benefit the environment.  

Vegan Justice League

The Vegan Justice League is focused on bringing supply and demand back to US farm policy, and food equity to all Americans. Alongside allies in Congress, VJL vows to fight anti-capitalist billion-dollar bailouts so that when vegans "vote with their dollars," those votes count.

The Opioid Crisis Response Fund

The Opioid Crisis Response Fund (OCRF) is a start-up non-profit fund with the mission to save as many lives as possible, as quickly as possible, from fatal opiate-related overdoses. OCRF raises money, and then grants that money out to the unfunded overdose prevention opportunities, nationwide, with the greatest unmet life-saving potential.

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