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Increase the Budget of the U.S. Peace Corps

Hire a lobbyist to advocate on behalf of the Peace Corps is the best way to #ProtectPeaceCorps and ensure the agency has enough funding to meet volunteer demand
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Created by Jeff Kladder

On average, every $100 raised results in an hour of lobbying from our lobbyists

My story

My name is Jeff and I served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 2009 - 2011. I had an amazing experience that enriched my life and taught me skills I never thought I needed. I also did a lot of good in the country where I served (a place called Vanuatu).

When I served in 2010, the budget for the Peace Corps was $400 million. In 2018, it was $398 million. That might seem like a small drop, but if you adjust it for inflation, that is a loss of almost $60 million! 

Last year, the Peace Corps got more applications than ever! However, Donald Trump wants to continue cutting programs like the Peace Corps and prohibit Americans from serving and helping other countries.

Lobbyists 4 Good can help! If we raise 5,000 dollars they will hire a lobbyist to advocate for more Peace Corps funding. Once the 5,000 dollar goal is raised, we will finally have somebody who can create political pressure to force our politicians to act... please help out by donating to my campaign now!

Current efforts have been ineffective and we need a new approach to ensure we have a strong Peace Corps for future generations. If we succeed, we can finally give the Peace Corps the capacity to match the growing desire to serve.  

About the Peace Corps budget

The Peace Corps has been called "America's secret weapon for peace" and the "best bang for your buck in the Federal Government." The Peace Corps is also one government funded program that has bipartisan support in Congress. Senators and representatives from both parties have served as volunteers. 


The Peace Corps was created by President John F. Kennedy on March 1st 1961. Since its creation, there have been over 230,000 volunteers in 141 countries. In the last 7 years, applications to the Peace Corps have skyrocketed, rising over 400% from previous years. Thousands of college graduates looking to make a difference in the world are being denied the chance to serve as volunteers.

Countries around the world have requested more Peace Corps volunteers but unfortunately, due to lack of funding, the numbers have stayed the same.

The Peace Corps is a powerful diplomacy tool. Volunteers live and work with local communities and build relationships that last a lifetime. Many current government officials in developing countries were educated by Peace Corps volunteers. The goodwill built among the U.S. and our partners through the Peace Corps is immeasurable.

As noted on the Peace Corps website,"returned Peace Corps volunteers (RPCVs) have gone on to achieve extraordinary success in all kinds of fields. Some, inspired by their service, stay in education or health-related professions, or choose to join the Foreign Service.



Happy to support the Peace Corps


For the same price as your morning latte, you can have the same access to lobbyists as large corporations. interest groups and wealthy donors.


The average small-dollar donation to a political campaign in 2020.


The average cost of hiring one of our lobbyists for a half-hour of lobbying. This is a fraction of what it costs to hire a typical DC lobbyist who usually charges around $500 to $1500/hour. 


The average donation to all crowdfunding platforms in 2020.



The average cost of hiring one of our lobbyists for an hour of lobbying. This is a fraction of what it costs to hire a typical DC lobbyist who usually charges around $500 to $1500/hour. 

Others pursue careers in business, from entrepreneurial startups to management at major companies. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are working as journalists, writers, members of Congress, and even astronauts." 


The lobbyist we hire for the Peace Corps will create a strong argument for why the Peace Corps should have a higher budget. They will meet with staffers on the Foreign Affairs Committee and staffers on the State and Foreign Ops Approps Subcommittee to make their argument for higher funding.

What will your lobbyists do?

Whether it is a small state issue or a large federal policy, hiring our lobbyists is the best way to get your voice heard in government. Every $100 raised will result in an hour of lobbying from a member of our lobbying team. Our lobbyists: 

Young businessmen discussing data at mee

1) Research current laws and proposed legislation

2) Come up with a strategy to best advance the issue, either through policy changes or new laws

3) Use our contacts to identify the different supporters and opponents of the issue and find out where key members stand on the topic. 

4) Meet one-on-one with legislators and ask for their help to introduce new legislation or get a current bill through the legislative process


5) Help rally votes from lawmakers for the bills passage by the House and the Senate


6) Identify other groups working on the issue and coordinate advocacy efforts to ensure success

Lobbying Updates

This campaign has not raised enough money to lobby yet.

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