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July 2, 2018                                                                                                                     

Female Iraq War Veteran Crowd-funds Lobbyist to Improve Post War Care for Women Who Served


Washington, DC (July 2nd, 2018) — Janel V. is a 23-year Army veteran who has witnessed the U.S. military transition to include women into combat arms battalions, adjust to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and lift its combat exclusion policy to open almost all career fields to women. Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration has been able to keep up with the influx of women, resulting in females being the most underserved veteran population.


Unfortunately, Janel has also witnessed so many women veterans suffer from the effects of inadequate medical care and lack of reintegration services. Ten percent of U.S. veterans are women, and that number is increasing, yet so many of the Department of Veterans Affairs services remain designed for men. As a result, so many of these brave women fall through the cracks, become homeless, drug-addicted, or worse, commit suicide.


“The men and women at the VA need the support of Congress and the American people to help staff, train, and equip every VA hospital, clinic, and outpatient facility with women-specific medical professionals,” says Janel. “The VA needs to hire and train mental health professionals to address the effects of military service, sexual trauma, and exposure to combat, as well as develop special programs to combat unemployment, child care, and homelessness for women veterans.” 


The Deborah Sampson Act to Empower Women Veterans was introduced in Congress in May 2017 and has not progressed since, despite bipartisan support. This important legislation strengthens services by investing in peer-to-peer assistance, legal and support services, maternity and newborn care, eliminating barriers to care, and mandating data tracking and reporting.


“Women veterans need help and this bill can do just that. I’ve called and emailed my members of Congress. But in Washington, D.C., the best way to get things done is through a lobbyist with established relationships. I am asking the current military, veterans, and supporters to help fund my campaign to hire a lobbyist through Lobbyists 4 Good,” says Janel. Lobbyists 4 Good provides a crowdfunding platform to enable everyday Americans to hire lobbyists to work on their behalf.  “Women deserve a much easier transition to civilian life after putting their lives on the line. Together, we can make a real impact and get female vets the care and support they need,” says Janel.


Janel is available for telephone interviews on her campaign and the struggles of female veterans during the week of July 4th.


“With our innovative crowdfunding platform, Janel can now hire professional advocates to work on her behalf. This, by far, the best chance for somebody like Janel to get legislation passed through Congress,” says Billy DeLancey, Co-founder and CEO of Lobbyists 4 Good.


To support Janel’s campaign, please explore her fundraising page for the Deborah Sampson Act. Lobbyists 4 Good’s platform is currently supporting ten campaigns to raise money to hire lobbyists for the people. Please go to and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Lobbyists 4 Good is the first crowdfunding platform that gives everyday Americans the same access to professional lobbyists as large corporations and special interest groups.  Find out how it works by visiting our website at




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