The Most Effective Ways To Contact Congress

May 11, 2018

If we want to level the playing field between everyday people and special interest groups, we HAVE to be smarter when reaching out to Congress.


Yelling at members of Congress at a town hall meeting, storming people's offices to protest legislation, insulting people on social media, and complaining about the politicians in office is not the way to get heard and be influential in government. 


You never see business leaders or special interests do this, they are much smarter! 


We need to be smart and strategic too...


Which is why I created The Advocacy Guide, a free PDF that teaches you how to advocate for your issue and how to get your voice heard in Congress.


With my 10 years of experience in government and advocacy, I wanted to help folks be more effective when trying to influence their elected officials. 


To make things simple, I developed a list of The Most Effective Ways To Contact Congress, which I will share with you now. 


If you want to learn how I came up with these rankings, learn step-by-step instructions, best practices, and professional tips that will help you stand out from the crowd, download The Advocacy Guide for free by clicking here.


Here is the list: 



I know what you are thinking... "Hire A Lobbyist, are you crazy!"


No, I'm not!  :)  


We hire professionals to do things for us all the time, from changing our oil, doing our taxes, to cooking us food, why wouldn't we also hire professionals to help us influence Government on our behalf? Businesses do it all the time, and that is why they have so much power over our politicians


As you are reading this, there are over 11,000 lobbyists working to influence Congress on behalf of business and special interest groups. That equals to 20.5 lobbyists per member of Congress! They are on Capitol Hill every day meeting with lawmakers and their staff making the case for their clients. 


If we are going to counter the influence they have on our political system, we have to have lobbyists working for us too and arguing for our interests!

There is a solution!


We have identified several "good" lobbyists who are willing to work for less money to represent the people. You can hire these "good lobbyists" to lobby Congress by using our innovative crowdfunding platform, Lobbyists 4 Good.


To get started, simply find a campaign you care about and make a donation, or start a campaign of your own and spread the word to your friends!


We can counter the influence of big money and special interests by having lobbyists working for us, the people. Without this, corporations will continue to rule and we will be continuously left out of the process and overlooked. 


Thanks for reading and keep fighting the good fight!


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