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Our Democracy Is In Trouble

American Democracy is in trouble because the people do not have political influence

Our democracy is in trouble because ordinary people have little influence on the political process. While traditional advocacy groups are great at organizing protests, marches, writing to members of Congress, and calling members of Congress, their efforts are no match for the thousands of corporate lobbyists that descend on Capitol Hill every day.

Yes, there are public interest groups and nonprofits that lobby Congress; however, for every dollar they spend on lobbying, businesses and their associations spend $34. The largest companies have upwards of 100 lobbyists representing them, allowing them to be everywhere, all the time.

Lobbyists 4 Good is the solution to this imbalance. Our crowdfunding platform enables everyday Americans to raise money through small donations and hire lobbyists to work on their behalf. Individuals submit campaign ideas on our website, and if they meet our Founding Principles, we host the campaigns on our platform. If a campaign meets its fundraising goal, we find, hire, and oversee the best lobbyists for the issue.

We have lobbied on behalf of causes for the common good to strengthen our democracy, which will give everyday people a stronger voice in Congress

Our model has already proven successful. In 2017, our lobbying work on behalf of one individual’s campaign led to a $3 million increase for the US Institute of Peace. Currently, we are lobbying on behalf of a woman from California to implement a pilot program that will reduce the impact Animal Ag has on the planet. Since Lobbyists 4 Good launched in 2016, over 50 individuals have submitted campaigns on our platform.

Would you be able to contribute to a lobbying campaign to help everyday people access lobbyists and have a stronger voice in Congress?


Billy is the Co-founder and CEO of Lobbyists 4 Good.

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