Animal Agriculture Lobbying Campaign

April 5, 2019

I started a lobbying campaign to shrink the livestock industry and help farmers transition to less destructive businesses. As you know, we spent most of February lobbying Congress to enact a pilot program to help farmers. All 35 congressional offices we met with were on board with our idea - and many were eager to work with us. 


One day, a Vice News crew followed us around and produced this 5-minute segment about what it's like to lobby Congress. They captured the story really well. The video shows what your donations brought about - getting an ear with our legislators. You can watch the YouTube video here



Now, our lobbyist, Ron Young, is poised to shepherd this program into law. Depending on how the lobbying on the hill plays out, this may take a few months. Therefore, we are looking to raise another round of funding to push him over the finish line and get our pilot program into law. 


We only have 27 days left to raise over $2,000. If you are interested in pushing this campaign further, donations can be made on our campaign page for ending animal agriculture subsidies.  But mostly in this post, I want to thank you again for supporting our work.  


We've so much more to do in this fight of ours. But if we can give animal farmers an 'out' so they can be part of the solution rather than the problem, I truly believe we can have a real effect on the planet and on the animals.









Laura Reese is an activist who started a crowdfunded lobbying campaign on Lobbyists 4 Good. The opinions in this post our hers and do not reflect the opinions of Lobbyists 4 Good. 

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