Big changes happening at Lobbyists 4 Good

February 27, 2017


It is an exciting time at Lobbyists 4 Good! 


Our kick off year resulted in a notable write up in The Hill, $15,000 in donations, and over 30 meetings with congressional staffers to ensure more funding for the U.S. Institute of Peace

We remain steadfast in our belief that giving everyday Americans access to lobbyists will change our government for the better. Lobbyists working on behalf of the people will force our elected officials to pass laws that benefit all Americans, not just special interest groups, businesses, or wealthy donors.


With this belief in mind, we are excited to announce new changes to our organization that will allow us to better achieve this ambitious goal. 


Our new approach, best described as 'Kickstarter for Lobbying,' allows any individual or nonprofit to start a lobbying campaign through our website.  


Once a campaign request is submitted, we screen it to ensure that it aligns with our founding principles. If it does, we approve the lobbying campaign, create a fundraising page and promote it on our website. 

All campaigns start with a $5,000 goal. Once a lobbying campaign reaches the $5,000 milestone, we will begin the process of hiring the right lobbyist for the issue. After we hire the right person, and they begin their work, we conduct monthly meetings to monitor their progress and report back to the campaign’s supporters. 


Campaigns have 100 days to reach their $5,000 goal.  If the campaign does not raise enough money within the 100 day time frame, Lobbyists 4 Good will refund every donation in full. Individuals and nonprofits are welcome to resubmit campaigns and start the process from the beginning.  You can learn more about our new model on our How it Works page. 

These enhancements to Lobbyists 4 Good will help us achieve our goal of getting our government working for the people.  Now, any individual or nonprofit with a desire to lobby congress for change has the power to access this effective advocacy tool.  In order to help us continue our work, please check out our lobbying campaigns page 
and consider making a donation today.

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Billy is the Co-founder and CEO of Lobbyists 4 Good, a crowdfunding platform that allows everyday Americans to hire lobbyists. The opinions in this blog post are his and do not represent the position of Lobbyists 4 Good.  





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