Updates on End Subsidies for Animal Agriculture

March 28, 2020

Thanks for visiting our updates page for the campaign to End Federal Subsidies for Animal Agriculture


In order to provide a transparent overview of all our work to our donors, we have created this page that we will update regularly outlining the work we are doing on this issue.



Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Our email is hello@lobbyists4good.org or you can give us a call at 202-779-4443.


Updates as of March 27th, 2020:


November 2018: The campaign reached its initial $5,000 goal and Lobbyists 4 Good started the process of finding a lobbyist and lobbying to end federal subsidies for Animal Agriculture.

January 2019: Lobbyists 4 Good found a good lobbying firm to work on the issue at a reduced rate.

February 2019: Laura flew to D.C. and conducted over 25 meetings with the campaign's lobbyists.

March 2019: This segment on VICE News Tonight aired: 


April 2019 through May 2019: The lobbying firm of McMillan and Young drafted the At-Risk Farmer and Rancher Diversification and Transition Act.


October 2019:



November 2019:



January 2020:


We will keep you updated on our work, thank you!


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