How it Works

Step 1: Start a campaign about an issue you care about.

Step 2: If the campaign meets our Founding Principles, we will create a fundraising page for your issue.

Step 3: Start raising money. On average, every $100 raised results in an hour of lobbying from one of our lobbyists.

Step 4: Continue to raise money. We will lobby for your issue until your policy goal is reached or your legislation is passed.

What do our lobbyists do?

Research legislation and craft strategy 

Build connections with lawmakers and staff

Meet one-on-one with elected officials

Establish and join coalitions 

To ensure our work is "funded by the people", we cap what individuals and grassroots organizations can donate. We accept up to $5,000 per campaign per year from individuals and $60,000 per campaign per year from 501(c)3 nonprofits.