Active Lobbying Campaigns


Reduce the amount of federal subsidies that go to support animal agriculture


Pass important reforms that  get money out of politics


Improve health services for female veterans

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Prevent the Government from selling lands back to the states

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Increase funding for the U.S. Peace Corps


End all advertising by prescription drug makers


A lobbying campaign to ban fur in the United States


Pass bipartisan background check legislation


A lobbying campaign to end citizen-based taxation


Empower educators to access and use data to ed outcomes

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Create a public option healthcare plan


Protect the constitutional rights of immigrants


Allow borrows to discharge student loans in bankruptcy

Solar Panel Installation

A lobbying campaign to increase renewable energy


Pressure Mauritania to end protection for perpetrators of ethnic cleansing campaigns


Help hospitals by invoking the Defense Production Act


Increase funding for mental health services and research

Protester holds up a sign that says sex education protects our kids

Enact comprehensive sex education in all public schools

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Save lives by funding naloxone distribution


A lobbying campaign to overturn Citizens United


Reduce the federal deficit and pay down the national debt

All campaigns hosted on our platform were started by individual citizens. 

On average, every $100 raised result in an hour of lobbying from one of our lobbyists.

For a campaign to be hosted on our platform, it must meet our Founding Principles. Our  four principles state that campaigns must: 

  • Benefit everybody, not a certain individual, group, family, business or industry;

  • Be submitted by an individual and not on behalf of a corporation or industry group;

  • Have a chance for bipartisan cooperation or compromise in Congress; and

  • Be under-represented on Capitol Hill.

We limit how much individuals can donate to $5,000 per year to each campaign. Grassroots organizations can donate up to $60,000 per year to each campaign.

Campaigns that do not receive a donation during a 6-month period get moved to our Inactive Campaigns page. If they receive a donation, they will be moved back to this page.