allow Americans to purchase a public health care plan through the private markets

Created by Jason Stine

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My Story

I want to introduce a health insurance option that is run by the government and is available (reasonably affordable) for any individual to purchase that sits alongside private insurance options. Basically, I think we need a public option that is available to every American to purchase as well as private options. My thinking on this is that it would A. make it so that there is always an option for people to have health insurance no matter the state and B. I believe it would force private insurance companies to step up their game and focus on delivering quality products and competing against each other as opposed to making profits by kicking people off their insurance or making it too costly.


To point to an example of how I would like it to look I would point to our current mail delivery options, we have the USPS that can reach pretty much anywhere and is reliable and gets the job done but if you want extra care you have other options like UPS and FedEx. This lobbying effort would not lobby to make any changes to Medicare or Medicaid.

This is an issue that is important to me because of my two mothers who work at a collection of non-profit clinics. It was at these clinics that I spend most of my time after school. It was there that I saw what not having health insurance can do to someone's life, the stress it causes, the financial burden, and the difficult choices it often forces people to make.


What surprised me most about the people my mothers serviced was not the poor people who couldn't afford or get on insurance, but the people that had done everything right, the ones that had gone to college, found a career, and yet still were denied this basic peace of mind. As an adult, I have suffered from mental illness and have been fortunate enough to live in California where I have resources available to help and honestly would have killed myself without the services provided by the government. I feel like my idea could help people get affordable access to services they need and help people feel more secure.

About Affordable Health Care

In 2018, Americans spent over $3.65 trillion on health care, a larger amount than the GDPs of Brazil, the U.K., Mexico, Spain, and Canada.


Americans spend more on health care than any other country in the developed world. Experts predict that costs will continue to rise. 

High health care costs are hurting many Americans. According to estimates, people in the United States had to borrow $88 billion dollars last year to pay for their health care costs. Many Americans are forced to choose between paying hospital bills or buying food for their families. 



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